My first day as a Vegan

So, we just returned from a vacation in Seattle. I decided that when I returned I would become a dietary vegan. Seattle has great restaurants. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE meat!) But, I am overweight and almost 40 and have a beautiful wife and daughter who I want to see grow into a woman. 

Before I left, I ordered Forks over Knives and planned to make a gradual change.  I switched to soy milk a week ago.  Anyway, today, Pam, my wife surprised me with dinner at Green Earth Vegan Cuisine in Pasadena.  Great food!  I had the Fajita Vegana and it was amazing.

Tomorrow we are off to Trader Joe’s to shop for the week.

Author: Scott Bier

I am a husband, father, teacher, Diet Coke Addict, motorcycle rider and former lazy, overweight guy. (Well, still overweight but headed in the right direction)

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