For all the Geeks out there

Any Tech TV fans out there? Kevin Rose has left Attack of the Show (formally The Screensavers) and now is creating segments on his website, Kevin has always been known for his Dark Tips, and it looks like that is what his new project is all about. The first episode shows how to capture images from wireless video cameras. I have to find a place in my screenplay for this.

Watch & control your TV from any laptop, anywhere.

It’s called the Slingbox and, if you love your television, you need one. Simply plug your TV, cable box, or antenna into the Slingbox and you can control your television, cable, Tivo, or DVR. There are no monthly fees but you do need broadband. Riding in the backseat during cross-country road trips will never be the same.

It will be available at BestBuy and CompUSA in July.


I guess was already taken.

There is a new site out there called that gives names, addresses, and phone numbers of people in the database. You can also pay for a more detailed report, which includes previous addresses, employers and family. I looked my name and several friends and we were all on it. Check it out and see if you are there. If you are and want your name removed, email and request it.


Long Live the Mix Tape

Can you keep a secret? Just between friends? I don’t own an iPod. What? you say. Then, how do I listen to music? The good old fashion mix tape. I am usually at home, in my car, or at my desk, with a CD player at each location. I have been buying CDs for almost 20 years and have accumulated quite a collection; of course, most are in boxes in my garage.

Today, my wife and I are going for a drive and I decided to make a CD. Not all-time greatest hits but some good hits for today. It always amazes me when someone can name their favorite band or favorite song of all time. I could never do it. It depends what kind of mood I am in. Whenever I hear a song, I am transported back to the time when the song was popular. When I hear Depeche Mode, I am sixteen again and driving around in my ’64 LeMans. When I hear U2’s Joshua Tree, I am a sophomore in high school and going to my first concert with Mitch.

Today is a cool day with some high clouds and we are driving out to Riverside to pick up our daughter who is spending the night at her cousin’s house. It feels like a day for John Mayer, The Postal Service, Jack Johnson, and David Grey. So, I’ll take my favorites and burn them and when I listen to the compilation, I will always remember the drive I took with my wife.