Some thoughts on Lincoln Logs and America.


Found this little guy while I was out walking the dogs today and it immediately took me back to my childhood room. I could remember the smell as I opened the top of the cylinder and pour the brown & green pieces onto the ground and fanned them out as a picture emerged in my head. Then I would build. And destroy. And build. Eventually I would lose prices and have to build smaller things, not because I wanted to but because it’s what I had to work with. Now we are living that reality. Every 8 years a group of people, believing what they know is right, build. Then, after 8 years, another group comes into destroy it. Every time this happens we lose a little bit of what America is. We only have one. If you ask someone why they belong to a particular party they will give you 2 or 3 reasons. Those are just a few small pieces. Is it worth destroying not only America but they idea of what America is and can be. The people who run our country are looking out for themselves not the country. Don’t believe me? When you walk into work tomorrow, think about how important your job is to you. Next time you vote think about what really matters to you, as an American. Not the tent pole ideas that your political party uses to make you different than someone else. Think about what makes you the same. Let’s build something that is too great to tear down. Please.


Author: Scott Bier

I am a husband, father, teacher, Diet Coke Addict, motorcycle rider and former lazy, overweight guy. (Well, still overweight but headed in the right direction)

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