Don’t Drink the Water

The girls and I went to a few parks over the weekend and I noticed a bizarre and disgusting trend. Now, I know that some people love their dogs while others LOVE their dogs. These people seem to forget that their pets are, in fact, dogs.

These are the people who let their dogs eat off their forks and share tongue kisses. All fine and well, I guess, because it doesn’t involve me. Its not my fork nor my tongue, so who am I to judge? But when you let your dog drink from a public drinking fountain, which is just wrong. One dog was so “cute” that it jumped into the water fountain.

A dollar for a bottle for water doesn’t sound so bad now.


The Latest

My research for my latest screenplay is not going as well as I had plan. The story is based on events that happened in the 1600’s and there isn’t much out there. I know I could make it up, but that is not what I want. So while I am researching, I am writing treatments for the other ideas that I have (roughly 10-12). Some of the ideas are old and have made it to the screen in some form or fashion, just not by me. Its all part of our collective unconscious I guess. It just feels good to be writing again and, after teaching all day, it is easer to write a treatment than read 400-year-old books. I am also working on a children’s book with my 8-year-old daughter.

More on that later.