Why am I alone on this island?

I have a secret. I have kept it to myself, but now I am ready to share it with the world.

I liked The Island.


I said it.

I feel so liberated.

I have no idea why this movie is not doing well. I know, I know. Michael Bay. No one likes the guy. Then why have his movies grossed over $1 billion?

I thought The Island was a good movie, not a great movie, but a good one. I was entertained; mission complete. I liked the characters, the chases where cool, stuff blew up. Did it tug at my heartstrings? No. Did it make me think about my place in the universe? No. Was I entertained? Yes.

So, please, someone tell me why I shouldn’t like this movie.

Why are you just sitting there?

According to my wife, there are only 58 days left of summer. Now, I am more of an Autumn/Winter type of guy, but I am really enjoying this summer. Between the barbeques, trips to the beach, and summer concerts in the park, not to mention the great summer-school schedule, I have been having a great time. You really can’t beat working four days a week and getting off at 1:20. So, what ever you do, enjoy your summer!


Suddenly, walking to work doesn’t seem so bad.

Japan’s Sakakibara Machinery Works has unveiled its version of a sit-in walking robot, dubbed Land Walker 2.

The 3.4m, one-tonne robot walks at 1.5km/h. It is operated by four pedals in the cockpit.

A monitor showing the feet area helps the driver watch their step.

Air guns on each side of robot shoot a rubber ball 20-30m. The company sells it for 36 million yen ($43,500).